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Mondays with Marnie | Ready, Set, Get in Debt!

Mondays with Marnie | Ready, Set, Get in Debt!

Ready, Set, Get In Debt!

Here we go! The shopping season is upon us and the pressure is on. Gift givers all over the world will do whatever it takes to make sure everyone on their list is happy. Living within your means does not apply to this time of year. (The retailers are banking on that!) People are spending and the majority of it will be on a credit card that charges over 17% interest. I read that Americans will spend over 1 Trillion on Christmas this year. Wowzers.

I love giving gifts. I am a much happier giver than receiver. When my kids ask what I would like for my birthday or Christmas, I always say that I want them to write me a letter. It doesn’t cost any money and I will treasure them for years to come. The funny thing is that it is much harder on them than going out and buying something. Picking up a gift card for a massage or mani/pedi is painless. Sitting down with a card and thinking of what to write is much more “expensive” to them. If money is tight and paying monthly minimums on your credit card bills isn’t your jam, try spending more. 

Give the gift of a letter. Nobody writes them anymore and in a sea of fuzzy sweaters and Christmas socks, it will definitely stand out. It won’t go out of style, they can’t outgrow it and it takes thought and time. The most expensive gifts in the world.



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