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Mondays with Marnie | No Peeking!

Mondays with Marnie | No Peeking!

No Peeking!

My first wrapped gift made it’s appearance under our tree yesterday. I managed to get 5 or 6 wrapped and ready for the curious minds to wonder. I remember wanting to know what was under the tree for me. My dad and step-mom both worked, so we were left alone during Christmas break. Well, once we were old enough to be home alone and knew that Santa didn’t bring a darn thing. All of our hopes and dreams lied in the hands of our parents. 

For the first few days at home, we could control ourselves and not peek. After a few days, the curiosity got the best of us and we started carefully unwrapping just enough to see what was inside the box. By the time Christmas morning came along, we already knew most of our gifts. We over reacted when opening them in an attempt to cover up our secret. 

After we opened all of our gifts, we felt a little disappointed and vowed not to peek the next year. It ruins the excitement and doesn’t leave anything to look forward to. I am well aware that we did that to ourselves, year after year.It seems like most people want to know what is coming in life. Nobody likes the unknown. I haven’t heard of anyone waiting to know the gender of their baby until birth in years. Since I ruined a lot of my surprises as a kid, I waited to find out the sex of my kids until birth. I loved it. Someone asked me if there was a chance for me to know exactly how the rest of my life would play out, if I would want to know. My first response was, “Yes!” After thinking about it for a while, I decided that I did not want to know. I enjoy the wondering, the attempt of planning outcomes and life’s little surprises everyday. I’m working on enjoying the here and now. Enjoying the things I have, instead of thinking about the things I do not have, enjoying the people I know now and not looking for someone. Plus, I have peeked on dating sites and can tell you wondering about that is over for sure. LOL

If you have little kids and they are asking for a zillion toys, wrap one that they haven’t played with in a while. I bet they don’t recognize it and are excited about their new toy!

Do you peek or like to be surprised?





Active listings, or the number of available properties, continue to reflect steady home buying across the greater Houston market. Active listings remain down 17.4 % year-over-year with 13,858 properties in the MLS compared to 16,777 in November of 2020.


Effective January 1, 2022

New homeowners will be allowed to file for and receive their Homestead Exemptions on the date of purchase or can file the year of purchase. Currently, when you purchase a home, you have to wait until the following year to file for an exemption.This new law will save homeowners on their 2022 property taxes!


Party season is upon us. Here are some of my favorite host/hostess gifts to bring to friends this year: 

Nest Pura Diffuser 
il Buco Vita Cruet Set
French Butter Crock
5 Flute Vase
Cocktail Mixer Set


… loving my new Tree Napper from Bearaby. This cooling weighted blanket is made to make you feel calmer and sleep better, naturally. I really did sleep so much better the first night I used it and it looks great too.