Mondays with Marnie | It Takes A Village
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Mondays with Marnie | It Takes A Village


Mondays with Marnie | It Takes A Village

It Takes A Village

We don’t do “village” very well as Americans, especially as families. Few homes have parents and grandparents living together. I believe that generations before us had something valuable by operating as a village. I’m convinced that nobody gets to be #1 in anything without support. I include myself and my career, knowing that without the two people in the photo above, I would not be able to deliver excellence to my clients. They bring their strengths to the table and that makes me stronger. 

I had the pleasure of attending The US Open last week. There are subtle differences between #1 and #2. With each up and down during a match, the monitors would show the team behind the player in the stands. They lived and died with every point, game and set and felt as big a part of the outcome as their player on the court. It left me wondering if the team was the variable that set them a part as #1 or #2. Think of the players as Beyonce and the coaches and support system as the back up dancers. If you are a Beyonce, make sure you have the best back up singers in the business. If you are a backup singer, make sure you are with the best possible Beyonce in the business. Choose your tribe wisely. It could mean the difference between being #1 or #2. 





I found this graph very interesting! When it comes to mortgage rates, it’s all about perspective. Even with mortgage rates rising, buyers can still secure a rate that’s lower than several of the past decades. 


19th Annual Run in the Park

On Saturday, Sept. 24 at 

8am, participants will be able to run (or walk!) to support the conservation efforts of the Conservancy. All proceeds from Run in the Park go towards the crucial work needed to maintain Hermann Park, which is an essential outdoor space for the community.


AD shared an article entitled Everything You Need to Know About Where the Queen Spent Her Final Days. Step inside the Scottish holiday home of the British royal family, that was especially beloved by the late monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.


… a new tennis fan after my trip to watch The US Open in NYC!