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Mondays with Marnie | In Just The Right Light


Mondays with Marnie | In Just The Right Light

In Just The Right Light

Ya know when you are trying to show someone how an object or person appears but they just don’t see it the same way you do? Often times, we say that it’s easier to see when the light hits just right. I have a bowl full of disco balls on my entry table. They are clearly disco balls and anyone can see that they sparkle. The perfectly mirrored spheres shine bright like a diamond. If the tiny panes of mirrors were larger, we could see ourselves in them. For all but about 10 minutes a day, the balls seem to be just as they appear. However, when the sunlight hits them, they are something totally different. Their joy spreads all over the room. The walls and ceilings are bathed in their sparkle. Everything looks cheerful and bright. This made me think…..

What if people could be seen in their perfect light and only then could an opinion of them be formed. For example, if we put a ballet dancer at a desk job computing spreadsheets, how would they appear? I doubt they would seem the same as when they are dancing in their favorite Broadway show. The light is hitting them differently when they are dancing and that is the only way to see their true beauty. I believe our souls die a little bit when we are not feeding them what they truly need. A subtle smile could be a massive grin if the light was hitting their soul just right.

Before I form an opinion of someone, I am going to consider whether they are sitting in just the right light for them. If they are rude, grouchy, greedy or otherwise unpleasant, maybe they just need to get themselves in the right light for them. And, when I am feeling down or depleted, I will be aware of the lights that I am under. Maybe I just need to move a little bit in a different direction that feeds my soul.

Shine bright like a diamond.





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