Mondays with Marnie | Home Girl!
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Mondays with Marnie | Home Girl!


Mondays with Marnie | Home Girl!


Home is an important, emotionally charged word. Reaching home is the goal in baseball and in life. Home plate, home made, home boy, home team advantage and the list goes on and on. To me, home symbolizes safety, comfort and ease. 

At heart, I am a home girl. I like to be home. It doesn’t need to be grand or extravagant. The simple familiarity is comforting to me. I traveled more this summer than I have in a long time and loved every minute of it. In fact, I would have stayed longer on each trip if it was an option. 

Houston in the summer is rough. I haven’t seen the city this empty in quite a while. Traveling is on again and people are escaping the heat! When I ask people how their trip was, the reply I usually get is, “It was great, but it is good to be home.”

With school starting in a couple of weeks, we will see the familiar hustle and bustle of Houston resume soon. I hope you all had a great summer! 

Welcome Home!





Falling home prices? Fortune shared this interactive map, which shows the statistical odds of home prices dropping based on location. 

With the continued influx of out of state buyers, the Houston market remains steady with very low odds of significant price changes. 

However, predictions indicate significant price reductions will occur in other markets including Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and California. Read more here.


Kevin Hart at Toyota Center

August 4 & 5, 7:00pm

Kevin Hart is coming to Houston with his first major tour in over four years – The Reality Check Tour. He cracks me up!  

Tickets linked here!

AD: Modern Farmhouse Style

Who said living in the countryside can’t be chic?  Take a look at these beautiful Modern Farmhouses, which combine the charm of rural life and the stylish comforts of 21st century living, the modern farmhouse really does offer the best of both worlds! 


Thinking of installing a mini home gym in my garage. I currently use free weights, a kettle bell and a jump rope to get my sweat on. What equipment can you not live without? I’d love your recommendations.