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Mondays with Marnie | At Least I'm Pretty


Mondays with Marnie | At Least I'm Pretty

I’m Pretty….






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The title of this email is also the title of a song written by one of Remi’s best friends. Her name is Harriet Hull and she is pretty great. She and Remi have always enjoyed playing their guitars and singing together. I was so proud and excited to hear that Harriet had written her own song and even happier to learn that it is on Spotify.

It’s about a young woman navigating through life. A break-up, her struggles with ADD, and generally realizing that life can be hard. As she sings about her troubles, she goes back to one thing that her parents have always told her. She is pretty. She finds comfort in knowing that at least she is pretty even if all else is a mess. 

I agree, she is pretty. The pretty that I see and know is not just the striking tall blonde that everyone else sees. It’s the pretty funny, loyal, smart, creative and unique person with a killer smile that lights up a room. Knowing her parents, that is the pretty they have always referred to as well. It is the pretty that doesn’t fade with time. It can get more and more beautiful with age. 

I walked past a mirror the other day and thought to myself, “I really miss being pretty.” Until sometime in the past couple of years, I knew I was pretty. As someone who values inner beauty, why was I focusing on my outer beauty and wishing that I was still pretty?

I’m sure that I need a few therapy sessions to answer that question. I can’t roll back the clock to be my younger self, so, I am celebrating all of the ways that I get prettier every year. I strive to be kinder, softer, happier and the prettiest version of myself that I can show up as everyday. 

YOU are pretty too. I’ll let you fill in the blank. 

“I’m pretty _______.”



Once again in June, homes priced from $750,000 and above dominated in sales volume with a 136.5 percent year-over-year increase. That was followed by the $500,000 to $750,000 segment, which soared 87.0 percent. 


Candytopia – a candy-coated experiential adventure, will bring its confectionery wonderland to Citycentre now through August. It features more than a dozen rooms with larger-than-life interactive art installations and full sensory experiences (YUM!). Get your tix here!


I’ve been loving concrete details in decor lately. “Cement trend” is taking social media by storm. You’re likely used to seeing concrete basements and garages, but this trend is slowly making its way inside on floors, walls, shelves, fireplaces, and even dining tables. Check out my latest blog post for concrete inspo



It’s easy to justify not having time to workout. Some weeks I’m on it and get 3 or 4 workouts in. Sometimes I don’t workout at all for several weeks. 

I’ve shifted from making it to the gym or nothing at all. A

 few small props, my driveway and 20 mins is all I need when I’m short on time. (Which is pretty much always.) 

I switch it up but here is what I did yesterday with just a kettlebell and jump rope:

8 rounds of:

10 lunges

10 jump squats

10 overhead press (kettlebell)

10 kettlebell swings

10 sumo pulls

25 jump rope

It’s quick and HARD!