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Cement Trend: Incorporating Concrete Details in Your Home


Cement Trend: Incorporating Concrete Details in Your Home

Looking for a new trend to spice up your home decor? “Cement trend” is becoming more popular and taking social media by storm. You’re likely used to seeing concrete basements and garages, but this trend is slowly making its way inside on floors, walls, shelves, fireplaces, and even dining tables. If modern homes are your style, this is for you. Here’s some inspiration for how you can incorporate the cement trend into your home!

  1. Cement Kitchens- A great way to add cement into your kitchen is by using it on an island or a countertop. The cement on the island compliments both neutral and bold wall colors. It is important to brighten up the space where the cement is shown, so pair it with some killer light fixtures to avoid it feeling too heavy. You can even do a cement dining table! The simple yet captivating touch can alter the entire vibe of a kitchen.
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2. Concrete Fireplace- I am a big fan of the concrete fireplace concept. In older homes, we often see fireplaces that are made out of brick, but the concrete overlay touchpoint can open the room and can even stretch up the whole wall. This gives a modern touch to the room without being too overwhelming. The great news about having this type of fireplace is that it’s very neutral, meaning that you can pair any design style with it. Hang artwork, mount a tv, treat it as a beautiful accent wall!

3. Cement Floors- I’ve been noticing more modern homes with concrete and stone floors. This cement flooring has been incorporated in garages, ice houses, and rec rooms for a while, but now we are seeing it through living spaces as well. The color of the floors elongates a space and reflects light differently than we are used to. At the end of the day, cement flooring can be either traditional or contemporary, depending on the surrounding furniture. I love how simple and clean this room looks: