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Mondays with Marnie | Are You Cracking Under Pressure?


Mondays with Marnie | Are You Cracking Under Pressure?

Are You Cracking Under Pressure?

If you answered yes, that is great news. I’m sure that you are thinking that I have wished something terrible on you but this is what I wish for everyone. I was recently on a hike and noticed so many cracked and shiny rocks. They were the prettiest ones by far. They were the rocks that had been stepped on the most. 

They did not become beautiful and reliable by being off the beaten path. The countless amount of pressure they have endured has made them shine. The best thing about being cracked open is that the light has a way to get in. So many people will do whatever it takes not to crack. The fear of being open is terrifying. This can look different for everyone. Do you do what other people want you to do even if it isn’t right for you? Do you not speak up in a relationship and pretend everything is fine so that there are no cracks?

I have been cracked open many times. I’m talking about Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall cracking. It can be scary to be on that wall alone. It hurts like hell sometimes but I can always find the light coming in. Sometimes it’s a new prospective, meeting a new person, learning a lesson or just feeling better. Remember that with every little crack, light is getting in and it’s hard to really shine without enduring pressure. 

Get out there and get crackin’



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