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A Rainy Summer


A Rainy Summer

Honestly, when was it the last time that we have seen a full week of sunny skies on the weather app? I really do not remember! After sulking about not being able to do the typical summer outdoor activities, I thought about what I can do instead. Here are a few ideas:

1. Treat yourself! Have you ever walked past the sample skin care section in Target and wonder what they have in those shelves? If not, I highly recommend checking it out! I was just recently in Target just browsing and came across this section. I was in awe of all the affordable skin care products. I grabbed myself a couple of face masks and bath bombs to give myself a relaxing day. I wore my most comfortable sweatsuit and turned on my favorite Rom Com with some popcorn and candy. This whole remedy, at night time especially, helps me unwind and relax!

2. Cook! Cooking is a great way to get creative and you can even get the whole family involved! One of my favorite cookbooks right now is the one and only Defined Dish. Her recipes are quick, healthy, and so tasty. I have recently tried the Pesto Salmon dish and it was fabulous. Grab a cookbook and some people you love and challenge yourselves to a new delicious recipe. Alex Snodgrass, writer of this cookbook, incorporates all kinds of dietary restrictions such as gluten free, dairy free, paleo, keto, and even has a section about the Whole 30. She truly makes healthy eating incredible and even kid friendly. Defined Dish also has a baking section where you can make easy yet healthy desserts! From paleo chocolate chip cookies to protein brownie bites, you simply cannot go wrong. Grab any cookbook, people you love, and challenge yourselves to some new delicious recipes!

3. Re-decorating! Just by rearranging some furniture and switching some pieces around your home, you can feel very refreshed despite the crappy weather. I find this task to be very satisfying and exciting as this gives my home a breath of fresh air. Re-decorating can recreate the space and can inspire you to let out your creative side. Just a quick switch of some artwork or chairs to a different place in a room can seriously change your whole mood!

4. Museums! I recently became a huge fan of museums. I used to dread going as a child, but museum’s are the perfect rainy day activity and we have so many of them in Houston. From the Houston Museum of Natural Science, new interactive museum, the Seismique, to Candytopia, there are many to explore. The Houston Museum of Natural Science is one of my favorites. I find science very fascinating and just recently opened the new Pompeii Exhibition that ends September 6th, so there is much time to go check this one out. The Seismique is a museum I have not been to yet, so maybe next time it pours, you know where to find me! This interactive museum is full of eclectic sounds and vibrant colors. Seismique is a great place to also take photos and have an excuse to dress up on a rainy day! Lastly, there is a new museum not many people have heard about… Candytopia is calling all candy lovers to explore this Candy World, where it’s nothing but candy!

Houston Museum of Natural Science: 5555 Hermann Park Dr, Houston, TX 77030

Open: Monday- Sunday 9am-5pm

The Seismique: 2306 S Texas 6, Houston, TX 77077

Open: Monday- Thursday 12-9pm, Friday 12-11pm

Saturday- 10am-11pm, and Sunday 10am-9pm

Candytopia Houston: 822 Town and Country BLVD Unit 102, Houston, TX 77024

Open: Monday-Sunday 10am-9:30pm, Tuesday: CLOSED!