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Monday's with Marnie | Wish Things Were Better?


Monday's with Marnie | Wish Things Were Better?

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.”

-Paulo Coelho

Wish Things Were Better?

Would guess that most of you answered that question with a “YES!” How specific can you be? What do you wish was better? Your job, relationships with your kids, marriage, fitness, mental health, your diet, business? The list could go on and on. I am reading a book called Good to Great. It has many lessons and things that make you say, “huh, why didn’t I think of that?”

Bottom line, your life and everything you are involved in can only be as great as you feel about yourself. Not what other people think of you. Are you in a groove, coasting along? I’d say you are doing good, but probably not great. Why not? Maybe you believe that you are right where you belong and have all that you deserve. This book made me realize that my potential and how far I go is directly correlated with how much potential I think I have and what I truly believe I deserve.

While it feels comfortable to continue doing the same thing that is working, there is room for improvement in all areas of our lives. What’s the trick to making all of these things outside of ourselves better?


Focus on making yourself better. Start small and start inside. Pick something to work on. Put healthier food in your body, practice giving your family members compliments more often, start being aware of the little things that add to your happiness. The first part of change is awareness. When I noticed that I was eating Cheetos for dinner when I was tired and it only made me more tired, I decided to make a healthier choice. (Most of the time.) My doctor also told me that Cheetos and Champagne was not dinner. Whatever?! When I focus on making myself better, other things in my life get better too. 

We’d better get to getting better if we wish things were better!

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… using the Melissa Wood Health app for my daily meditation. You can watch some of her Guided Meditations here!