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Mondays with Marnie | Wish You Were President?


Mondays with Marnie | Wish You Were President?

Lemme Think About That….. 

UMMM, that’s a hard NO for me. Becoming The President of anything is no small feat. Be it the Garden Club, PTA, HOA or The United States, it’s a tough spot to earn. 

Think about it. You are put under a microscope and judged by your community/voting base. God forbid that you may have the greenest thumb in the neighborhood but were caught drinking wine out of a kid’s sippy cup three years prior. Gasp! The people voting you out of the Garden Club Presidency also had wine in their sippy cups but that doesn’t count. 

I have respect for even the most mediocre presidents of any organization. They stepped up. They care, they possess the ability to lead, have the energy to campaign, are picked apart, talked about and continue to stay in the game. It can either be rewarding or a thankless job. You are wrong if you’re wrong and you’re wrong if you’re right. 

I bet a lot of you have served as President of something during your life. I’m here to say, Bravo. Thank you for stepping up and being a leader when you don’t stand a chance of gaining a 100% approval rating, no matter what you do or don’t do. Way to go! 

Happy President’s Day. 




The Houston real estate market charged into the new year carrying the positive momentum it sustained throughout 2021, with the strongest sales activity at the highest end of the pricing spectrum because there is little to no inventory available below the midrange. With an inadequate supply of new listings to meet consumer demand, inventory overall remains at historic lows. (HAR Newsroom)

Rodeo season is upon us! Cook off begins this weekend on Feb 24. While most team tents are invitation-only, visitors can enjoy several public venues, including The Garden, Rockin’ Bar-B-Que Saloon and the Chuckwagon. Plus, the carnival is open, for wild rides and fun games.

After 2 years without Rodeo, Houston is EXCITED for the festivities. If you are looking to up your western apparel game, here are a few local spots to check out:

The Hat Store
Pinto Ranch
Dos Carolinas

… taking care of my new succulent arrangement that I made! I hosted a little succulent arranging class for some friends at Thompson + Hanson last week, and learned how to care for them! The advice I received was:
Don’t overwater! Water approx every 3 weeks.
Use an old turkey baster or syringe.
Never water directly on top!