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Mondays with Marnie | Love You, Mean It!


Mondays with Marnie | Love You, Mean It!


Happy Valentine’s Day! I know people that “hate” today for one reason or another. They hate the pressure to buy a gift, the lack of romantic love in their life, the image of perfect couples living perfect lives, etc. 

Other people LOVE today. The pink and red, the flowers, cookies, chocolates and champagne. 

I have been single for several years and started the tradition of giving myself a Valentine’s gift a while ago. I don’t do it because I feel sorry for myself and wish I had a man. I do it as a reminder that self love is perhaps the most important love of all. It is something that I don’t practice enough. By showing myself a little love, I have more available to love others. 

Some of the most intense feelings of love that I feel are not romantic. I feel intense love for my friends that far outlasts a love interest. The love for my kids, siblings and friends fits into one of my favorite definitions of love:

“Celebrating each other’s successes and comforting each other through losses. Feeling like home to each other, like a refuge, a safe place to rest your head. Feeling seen and known, in all your authentic weirdness.” —

Happy LOVE day,


P.S. I think I love Snoop Dogg after last night’s Super Bowl, don’t you?



In a national analysis of the top 100 housing markets, Houston ranked 51 on the list of most overvalued real estate markets. That’s better than San Antonio (which ranked 45 as most overvalued); Dallas (which ranked 18); and Austin (which ranked second.)


Stella’s Wine Bar opened in January at the Post Oak Hotel. Stella’s Wine Bar is led by an all-star sommelier team and has access to the hotel’s $5 million wine inventory. Stella’s main wine list features six themed tasting flights and more than 50 selections from California, France, Italy and more.


Nearly 40% of homes for sale in the Houston market during the fourth quarter of 2021 were new construction, the highest percentage of any market in the country, a new Redfin report found. 

Houston led the way in what was a record 34.1% of U.S. single-family homes for sale in December 2021 that were newly built. 


… investing in a generator! I had a generator installed at my house last week by Divin Electric. After the freeze last year, and the chilly temperatures over the weekend, I did not want to risk going though that again!