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Mondays with Marnie | When Will It End?!

Mondays with Marnie | When Will It End?!

When Will It End?

“It” started, so “it” will end at some point. I wish I would have learned to embrace this concept earlier in life. For example, my first baby was not an easy introduction into motherhood. He cried and he cried and he cried. ALL OF THE TIME. By the time he was three months old, I was sure that this was going to last forever and that I was going to be miserable. I never thought of this time as temporary while we were in the thick of it.

Later in life, I became more aware that everything is temporary. When something is difficult at work, at home or in a relationship, I look at it as a flowing river. It’s always moving and no matter how bad it is, it will pass. I have two kids that are grown and living on their own. It makes me more aware of the fact that I only have three more years of having kids that live with me. It nudges me to look at this time as a gift that will eventually come to an end. I’ll miss the towels on the floor, dirty dishes and sibling rivalry.  

It’s no secret that we are having scorching temperatures in Houston. To say it is uncomfortable is an understatement. Thank goodness this is also temporary!

P.S. The baby that I thought was going to cry forever turns 24yrs old today! Happy Birthday Griffin!





The Fourth of July marked the end of week 26 for the Houston real estate market, with new-listing volume remaining nearly unchanged from the same week a year earlier.

A new weekly activity report by HAR showed that Realtors entered 3,095 properties into MLS last week, up by just four listings compared to 3,091 in 2021.


Mark Normand at Houston Improv

Friday (July 22) – Sunday (July 24)

Through his relentlessly punchy writing and expert delivery, Mark Normand is quickly becoming one of the most talked about comedians on the scene.

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