Mondays with Marnie | What's On Your Playlist??
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Mondays with Marnie | What's On Your Playlist??


Mondays with Marnie | What's On Your Playlist??

Whats On Your Playlist??

Remember the days when you had to physically go to a music store and purchase an album to be able to listen to it whenever you darn well pleased? I remember when the Michael Jackson Off The Wall Album was released. We lived in an apartment complex where one girl used to ask us to come over often and we rarely went. BUT, one day she invited us over and casually mentioned that she had the new album in her apartment. We ran over and she suddenly seemed much cooler than before. We only had music that we really liked because we had to spend our money to have it. Thankfully this has changed and we have access to almost any artist at the touch of our fingertips. It’s great, or is it?

Who doesn’t love a good playlist and loath a bad one? I found myself hitting the “next” button on several songs in the car last week. How did those songs get added to my Spotify library when I don’t ever want to listen to them? Did I like them at one time? Did someone send them to me and I added them without listening to them first? I found it annoying. However, I didn’t delete them, so this will probably keep happening until I take the time to do so.

Hmmm, what else has made it’s way into my life playlist that I don’t want but don’t take the time to remove? I began to think of my home, work, closet, friends, etc. as a playlist. What am I hitting the next button on? The shirt I never wear, the candle I haven’t burned in years and the friend that possibly isn’t really a friend became songs in my library that would keep popping up unless I deleted them.

Culling through and making certain there are only “songs you’d like to hear” in your life can be tedious and seem unimportant. It isn’t until there are more songs you’re hitting next to than the one’s you enjoy in your life that this becomes more obvious.

Edit your playlists, all of them. Make room to add more music that makes you want to dance. You deserve it!



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