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Mondays with Marnie | The Variant Ate My Newsletter!


Mondays with Marnie | The Variant Ate My Newsletter!

Well, what a Holiday that was!! I don’t have to tell you that it was and still is 83 degrees. Covid is alive and well and most of us have been sick or know someone who has been sick. 

The testing for Covid is harder to get than it was in the beginning of the pandemic. Once you get a test, good luck hearing back about your results anytime soon. I tested negative despite being in a house with positive people. 

The good news around my house is that everyone is on the mend and should be healthy to start the New Year. There are only a few days left of 2021 and even though I did not get this out on Monday as planned, I wanted to send one last note for the year. 

Thank you, yes YOU.

 I am grateful that you spend the time to read Mondays with Marnie, the energy to share it with your friends and all of your replies. 

Looking forward to spending 2022 with all of you!



The median home-sale price is expected to rise by 5.7% in 2022, according to a NAR survey of more than 20 economic and housing industry experts. The Median home sales price was $353,900 in October. Home prices rose 8.7% in 2020, and are forecast to grow 14.6% in 2021. (NAR)


No New Years Eve Plans? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of New Year’s Eve celebrations happening around Houston. From a pub crawl, to a Masquerade Ball, this list has something for everyone! 

2022 is all YOU!


Here are the 5 markets that witnessed the greatest decline in housing affordability over the past year, as of October:

1. Phoenix (33.7%)

2. Charlotte, N.C. (32.3%)

3. Tampa, Fla. (30.9%)

4. Jacksonville, Fla. (29.3%)

5. Memphis, Tenn. (27.5%) (First American)


Stalking websites for at home Covid tests. I did not know that there’s an at home PCR test kit. You can order yours here!

It will come January 8 if you order it today.