Mondays With Marnie | The Little Engine That Could (YOU)
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Mondays With Marnie | The Little Engine That Could (YOU)


Mondays With Marnie | The Little Engine That Could (YOU)

My latest podcast on repeat is The Diary of A CEO with Steven Bartlett. In short, he interviews people who are well known in their fields of expertise or public figures. I was recently listening to one where the guest told a story about a heart surgeon taking his car to a mechanic.

The mechanic told him the price, which sounded expensive. Mr. Mechanic compared their careers and concluded that they both fix the engine of something needed to keep it running. The human body and the car are not much use without the heart and the engine. The mechanic asked him why the pay would be so different when both men are repairing a part that’s necessary for something to run. The surgeon said, “Try fixing a car engine while it is running.” That would be the equivalent to what a heart surgeon does in most cases. That little difference makes all the difference. He then related that to life. It is much harder to keep moving while working on yourself. It is far easier to withdraw from the outside world and work on yourself in solitude. In essence, to turn yourself off. To continue being a part of a family and society while working on yourself is more expensive. You risk being vulnerable to those around you. You also may feel like the process will take longer with all of the distractions.

The main thing that I took away from the episode is that it is much more difficult to work on ourselves while still participating in life but the outcome would most likely be full of lessons and experiences that would never happen if we chose to turn off the engine to make the repairs.

Keep those engines revving!



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At the outset of 2023, inventory was at a 2.6-months supply. In October and November, it grew to a 3.5-months supply, the greatest level since November 2019 when the market had a 3.6-months supply. In December, inventory registered a 3.3-months supply. A 4.0- to 6.0-months supply has traditionally been considered a “balanced market” in which neither buyer nor seller has an advantage. (HAR)


A multimillion-dollar transformation is set to revitalize this historic Houston gem! MacGregor Park, a cornerstone of Houston’s Third Ward since the 1920s, is getting a much-needed $54 million facelift.

This ambitious project isn’t just about a fresh coat of paint; it aims to modernize the park while staying true to its roots.


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