Mondays with Marnie | Observing vs. Absorbing
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Mondays with Marnie | Observing vs. Absorbing


Mondays with Marnie | Observing vs. Absorbing

Observing vs. Absorbing

Ya’ll, this is a such an important thing to practice in order to stay centered and calm. I tend to absorb the energy around me and it is difficult for me to tune out anything. If you are seated three tables away from me in a restaurant, chances are I can tell you what the conversation is about and what vibe the relationship is giving.

I have to be careful of this. I can go from calm and cool to completely flustered if someone around me is frantic and worked up. Since I move in and out of conversations and situations multiple times a day for work, it’s important that I don’t take the energy of who I am with to my next meeting.

The best example and opportunity to practice observing instead of absorbing is usually with my kids. One of my teens is especially spicy. Even if I wake up in a peaceful mood, if that child is having a bad morning and all of the behavior that goes with a bad morning, I can go from calm to frazzled in a matter of minutes. “Where are my shoes?! , I have nothing to wear, the dog is annoying and I can’t find my homework!’ Accompany that with a few slammed doors and my heart is racing, which isn’t good for anyone.

I have started saying to myself, “Observe, don’t absorb” when I feel these situations taking a hold on me. It helps so much. I have less of a problem staying calm in business, because, well, that is business. The next time you feel yourself getting sucked into a draining or frantic situation, stop and remind yourself to observe without absorbing.

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