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Mondays with Marnie | Not My First Rodeo


Mondays with Marnie | Not My First Rodeo

Not My First Rodeo

Practice makes perfect but it seems like most people don’t like to put in the work to get good at something. They expect it to come easy and are frustrated when something takes work to master. Can you imagine the amount of practice a bull rider has to put in just to stay on a bull for eight seconds? I love the saying, “Not my first rodeo.” It implies that you have been on this kind of horse before, been bucked off and learned from the experience.

I feel like some of the best advice for young people is to be in as many rodeos as possible, starting at a young age. Experience is priceless and the more times you are bucked off, the better. This is how we get better. I bet the cowboys we see at The Houston Rodeo have been thrown off their horse more than most.

Is your teacher a jerk? Awesome, you are learning how to deal with jerks. They are everywhere. Did you get cut from the sports team? Awesome, you are learning how much work it takes to be valuable to a team. Your family is a team, your group of friends are a team. How do you bring value? Practice that.

One of many benefits of having to working in retail and waiting tables at such a young age is that I rarely meet someone who I can’t “identify” from a past experience. Having already been in that rodeo benefits me this time around.

When we see pro athletes compete, one reason they are so dang good under pressure is because it isn’t their first rodeo. Don’t forget how many times they have been bucked off before delivering at the big dance.

“It’s the ropes and the reins, and the joy and the pain. And they call the thing rodeo.” -Garth Brooks





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TEN Sushi

A new Sushi restaurant recently opened in our office building. We went for a team lunch on Friday and it was so good! Here were some of our fav menu items:

– Chili Garlic Edamame

– Shishito Pepers

– BG 21 Roll

– Yellowtail Jalapeño


Loving my new shoes that I scored on Amazon. Shoes are usually something that I spend too much money on and I’m pretty stoked about this bargain find!