Mondays with Marnie | I Wish I was Dating a Plumber!
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Mondays with Marnie | I Wish I was Dating a Plumber!


Mondays with Marnie | I Wish I was Dating a Plumber!

“Be a plumber, they get rich. Everybody has to have a plumber, even in a recession. Every single building on Earth wants to have electricity and plumbing working… These are careers that actually can help you provide for your family forever.” – Michael Bloomberg

The February 15th cover of Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine was eye catching to me. It became even more meaningful when Houston was suddenly in full crisis mode and problem solving skills were essential.

The cover was white, with black type in a large font. This is what it said:

Here’s to the sensible ones, the team players, the problem solvers, the round pegs in the round holes…..

In my opinion, those people are often overlooked. We live in a world where we want to stand out, be different and embrace the title of being a square peg. This past week has given me a new appreciation for the round pegs that fit in round holes. The lack of electricity and water across Houston was unprecedented. Pipes began to break and flood homes. There is little that sounds worse to me than being freezing cold and flooded.  

Photos that I have seen are heartbreaking. The plumbing and electrical businesses are the angels in demand and we certainly need them. Most are booked for several days even though they are working around the clock. If you have a connection to a plumber, contractor, electrician or irrigation expert, you are living large. Most of the city is left in disrepair with no certainty of when someone can come to help. 

If you know anyone in these businesses and would recommend them, shoot me an email and I will add them to our list of vendors that we provide to clients. After your home is repaired, of course! I bet the plumbers on Bumble have gotten a lot of right swipes lately. Too bad they are probably too busy to even know!  LOL

If I can be of assistance to anyone, I am here as a resource. Don’t hesitate to reach out. 



Single-family home sales in Houston increased for the eighth consecutive month in January, surging 27.7 percent year-over-year with 6,088 units sold.


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