Mondays with Marnie | Give me a Break!
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Mondays with Marnie | Give me a Break!


Mondays with Marnie | Give me a Break!

Spring Break

I had never known it to be something to look forward to until I was in college. Until then, it meant staying home while our parents worked all day. Sometimes we were able to convince them to buy extra Twinkies and Doritos as a Spring Break treat. MTV had just come out and I loved getting to watch it for hours. I wasn’t aware that most of our friends were in the Bahamas or Aspen! 

Some would show up to school the next week with tan lines to die for and others looked like raccoons from their ski goggle wind burn. I know I didn’t want to look like a raccoon and since I tanned easily (with the help of baby oil) I’d be sporting the same tan lines after one weekend of laying out on the roof. 

My freshman year in college the discussion of what to do for Spring Break began right after we returned from Winter Break. I usually stayed in Austin during that time to work as well. Cabo, Aspen and Telluride were a few of the top contenders. Since I hadn’t been to any of these places, I watched and listened to what everyone else thought we should do. I needed to know two things:

1. How much money did I need to make before the trip?
2. How many days off work did I need to request?

I also learned the beauty of a tax refund. If I filed at the beginning of the year, I’d usually get a check for a few hundred bucks in time for Spring Break. I learned to love and look forward to Spring Break just like my friends always had done.

Fast forward to parenthood…. A trip for the whole family meant “Spring Broke.” Are you kidding me? Want to ski? That will be a minimum of $10,000.00. Does the beach sound better? That will be around the same amount. It could be a little less since beach clothing is less expensive than ski gear. Are you dreaming of a beautiful cocktail by the pool or after skiing? Those will run you about $25.00 each! 

The other thing it isn’t for parents with kids under the age of 15 is a “break.” Let’s face it. It’s work. Not your usual desk job, but something like a travel agent, professional luggage packing expert, concierge, sun screen application police and tour guide all wrapped into one person. Somehow, even though it is more like Spring Broke and Spring Work Your As* off, I think it is worth it. Time together as a family and the memories made can’t be beat. So, save up, rest up and go get ‘em! 

P.S. You probably need to look good in a swimsuit while you’re at it! 


Real estate inventory in Texas is shockingly low. Current supply of inventory in the major cities is as follows:

Austin: 0.4 Months
Dallas – Fort Worth: 1.1 Months
El Paso: 1.4 Months
Fort Worth: 1 Month
Houston: 2 Months
San Antonio: 1.6 Months


Looking for the perfect establishment to drink a green beer this week? Here’s a list of local spots to celebrate St. Patty’s Day:
 Irish Pub Kenneally’s
Johnny McElroy’s Irish Pub
Molly’s Pub
The Cellar Bar


If you’re looking to get into the Irish spirit from your own home, consider whipping up some cocktails from this list

The Golden Irish Mule caught my eye… I might even give it a try before Wednesday!

…craving a new closet. And, as always, new things to fill it! 

Check out my Pinterest board for closet inspo here.


You guys have to check out SweetArt by Georgina. 11 year old Georgina, started an apparel company in June featuring her own original artwork on hoodies, tees, sweatpants for kids and adults. Her next collection/character will be released in April and it will be Texas based!

Spring Breaking in Aspen this week? She is doing an in person pop up for her adult hoodies at O2 Aspen tomorrow (3/16)! You can also find her designs at The Art of The Cozy and Ro + Fern
She also sells online at Jetsetter Kids or directly through her instagram account!

And as if this entrepreneur could be any sweeter, 
 she also donates a portion of all sales to Kids’ Meals Houston.