Mondays with Marnie | Can You Hear Me Now?
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Mondays with Marnie | Can You Hear Me Now?


Mondays with Marnie | Can You Hear Me Now?

Can You Hear Me Now?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell. Two people can be sitting across from each other and not hear a lick of what the other person is saying. I like to call that, “talking at each other.” I’m certain that I have been a brick wall at times, where the words are not soaking in and even if I heard the words, the person addressing me was not being heard.

My dog actually made me think about this. Sometimes when I am walking her off leash and call her, she flat out ignores me. I know that she hears me and understands the command. It drives me nuts when she chooses to sniff whatever has caught her attention rather than coming to my side. She hears me but definitely isn’t listening. Think about how frustrating this can be when two humans are trying to communicate. I am overly sensitive to knowing someone hears me but isn’t listening. This comes from me trying to get my dad’s attention while he was watching TV. I’d be two feet away, saying “Dad” over and over. I swear it took 7-10 times before he acknowledged me. When he finally did, he would always say, “What? I was listening.” Well, you sure fooled me!

This week, and hopefully longer (lol), I am going to listen and take the time to really hear what someone is saying. I think I do this most of the time, but I’m curious to see what all I have been missing.

Ya Hear Me?





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