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Mondays with Marnie | BFF, LOL, BRB...


Mondays with Marnie | BFF, LOL, BRB...


In a sea of BFF, LOL, WTF and BRB, HUB deserves some attention. I was aware that a family that I am lucky enough to call my clients, founded a Houston school for kids with Autism. I knew the name of the school but never knew what it meant. The school is named The HUB. In a recent conversation with the mom, she said, “everyone wants to be heard, understood and believed in.” I thought, “WOW!” That is right on the money. Simple but powerful and a universal need as human beings. 

She said, “Yes, that is where the name for the school came from. HUB. It’s somewhere for each student to be heard, understood and believed in. My mind started racing. What if every school decided to become a HUB? What if every employer committed to hearing, understanding and believing in their employees? What if every parent did the same thing? I think the impact would be significant. 

I can get overwhelmed with how to help people. With a lot of ideas, I am sometimes left wondering what would actually help. Should I donate clothing, cook them a meal, etc.? From now on, I will start with hearing, understanding and believing in the people who cross my path. If I ask someone, “How are you?” I will mean it. I’ll wait for their answer and listen. It can’t be that hard, or is it? If it were easy, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

Try substituting I HUB you for ILY or you are my BFF. If you need to be heard, understood and believed in, give me a call, I’d be happy to HUB you!

For more information about The HUB or to donate to this special school, visit:





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