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Mondays with Marnie | Working and Pissed About It!

Mondays with Marnie | Working and Pissed About It!

I took my son to a recent Astros game. We were in line where they go through your bags to make sure you aren’t about to blow up the place or rob the concession stand. 

Our attendant was very serious. She had another security guy doing the dirty work while she barked orders. I placed my cute fanny pack in the bucket and opened the main zipper. She gave me a dirty look and said, “Open every single zipper!” So, I did. Then she saw my wallet inside the fanny pack. She gave me the death stare and said, “I told you every zipper!!” Of course, I couldn’t see the wallet zipper from outside the bag, but she was sure I was packing heat in my vintage, adorable fanny pack with my 15yr old in tow. 

Her helper was scared of her too. She had made the woman in front of us empty her entire purse out and it was a 100% clear bag. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but my best guess is that she absolutely HATES her job. She is probably paid diddly squat and has no benefits or room for growth. I think she is already at the top because she had someone else poking the stick through everyone’s belongings while she barked orders. 

Guests were rolling their eyes, asking her what her problem was, etc. This only escalated her grouchy attitude. To say she wasn’t nice to me and my son is an understatement. 

I decided to take a different approach with her. I smiled the whole time and commented on how thorough of a job she was doing. She wasn’t phased. She said, “We are under a terrorist attack ma’am.” Well crap, why didn’t you say that before you were a total B*itch to everyone? I was suddenly in favor of everyone opening every single zipper! 

Once I was out of the line, I felt for her. It seemed like she didn’t feel appreciated. I grabbed a $20 dollar bill out of my wallet and went back to give it to her. When I tried to get her attention, she was annoyed. Once I got her to turn around, I handed her the $20.00 and said, “Thank you for showing up. Thank you for keeping us safe.” She was in shock. 

I don’t know if it was the $20.00 or that someone acknowledged her and thanked her. As I was putting my wallet away and getting ready to go inside, I could still hear her. The next guest was greeted warmly with a huge smile. She was not barking orders at her helper and the guests were not being treated poorly. 

It is crazy what one Thank You and $20.00 can do. It changed the experience of thousands of guests that passed through her booth after me and most importantly, gave her a reason to be kind. 

Tip: Always carry a spare $20.00 to use in case it is your turn to turn that frown upside down. 





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