Mondays with Marnie | Why Be Jealous? Be You.
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Mondays with Marnie | Why Be Jealous? Be You.


Mondays with Marnie | Why Be Jealous? Be You.

Jealousy and Envy are common emotions that leave us feeling like we are not enough, don’t have enough and are stuck in the less green pasture. I wish I was as successful as her, as fit as him, as patient as her, etc.

Chances are, we are closer to “them” than we realize. The magic you are looking for is in the work you are avoiding. A successful person has most likely done a lot of work behind the scenes to be so successful. You just didn’t notice them until they were the finished product. The athlete that makes the free throws looks like child’s play has shot that same shot thousands of times in a gym with nobody watching. He isn’t sitting around watching someone else get better and wishing he was them.

I personally spent about a year wishing I was as in shape as a few other people and that I fit in those skinny jeans 24/7. I was constantly comparing myself and wishing I was more like them but doing NOTHING to get to that point. It looks easy for them and I was convinced it would be very hard for me.

After the first of the year, it dawned on me that it most certainly is not easy for them. They are doing the work when nobody is watching. They are making the time to workout daily and making healthy meal choices. I stopped wishing and decided to start the work. I had been in good shape previously and figured it would always be that way. What I was not considering is that it can only stay that way if I stayed that way. So, it was time to get back to work. One day at a time, one class at a time had to be my mindset in the beginning. Sure enough, I am starting to see and feel the results of doing the work I was avoiding. I started using fit people as inspiration rather than a comparison.

Grab the magic, be YOU!



(I do not consider myself overweight. I considered myself out of shape compared to what makes me the best me.)



Houston real estate began the new year in positive territory.

In January, total property sales were up 6.9% year over year, total listings were up 17.8% year over year, and single family home sales were up 9% year over year. (HAR)


Kick off the 2024 Houston Rodeo with country music star Blake Shelton tomorrow night!

Location: NRG Stadium

Rodeo Gates Open: 6:00 PM

Show Begins: Approximately 9PM


Trying out this new grocery store for my meat! Located at Voss & San Felipe, at Wild Fork, you can pick from their wide variety of quality sourced cut meats.

The best part? You can order online for pickup or delivery.