Mondays with Marnie | Well, I'm In Tears!
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Mondays with Marnie | Well, I'm In Tears!


Mondays with Marnie | Well, I'm In Tears!


As I thought about what to write in this newsletter, I looked through the notes on my phone to see if anything jumped out as a good topic. I stumbled across a letter that my daughter, Remi, wrote to me on my 51st birthday. It brought me to tears to read it again. I am so proud of the young woman she has become and I think she is an excellent writer. Our kids are sponges, soaking up every little thing. This letter reminded me of that. It feels vulnerable to share the letter with you all but I think it’s worth it.


I cannot put into words just how incredibly grateful I am for you. You are the most amazing women I have ever met and ever will meet. You surpass any characteristics of just being a good mother. And that’s not because you haven’t endured any hardship capable of completely breaking you down. Its because you have. You have been abandoned, broken down, weak and weary, hurt, lost, and confused. From a young age, you have never had the option to rely on anyone else but yourself. You were expected to raise and support not only yourself, but your siblings as well. Its the way that you endured and dealt with these hardships that truly defines you as a mother and a women. You maintained an immense love for your family even when they were incapable of showing their love for you. You have a certain respect for your upbringing even though it is quite undeserving. You found joy and opportunity in paying your own way through college, and you have an immense appreciation for each relationship that you made along the way. You find beauty in every person you meet, even when they do the opposite of serving you. There is a fire inside of you that is so inspiring. What is unique about you is that you are bold enough to surrender to being alive. By this, I mean your willingness to experience every emotion that comes along with being human, from extreme joy to extreme heartbreak. You don’t hide or protect yourself from opportunity that has a potential to challenge you. You take the risk of being broken because you know brokenness is just as important as success and happiness. You make it clear that your children single handedly serve as your strongest motivation to be successful, and that you would take a bullet for every single one of us. However, you maintain a sense of self respect and individuality while doing so. Your happiness isn’t defined by the successes and failures of your children, you just love us for being us. You are the wisest, strongest, most confident women on this planet. Its impossible to list out all of the lessons that I’ve learned from you, because some of them cannot tangibly be defined. Its a mindset, and a way of going about that world that you have taught me. Its the way that you love and care for everyone in your life that inherently rubs off on us. Your presence and take on this world is so refreshing and valuable, and I can confidently say that you positively effect every single person you come across, even if you are unaware of it. You are an angel, mom, and I aspire to be half the women you are. Its truly a blessing to be raised by you. You deserve the world today and everyday. Happy 51st crazy women, I love you so much.

Love your daughter,




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