Mondays with Marnie | Watch Your Attitude!
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Mondays with Marnie | Watch Your Attitude!


Mondays with Marnie | Watch Your Attitude!

Watch Your Attitude!

Literally watch it. How is it most days? When trying to achieve something, do you begin with a positive attitude and expect to be successful? Or, is your attitude that it probably isn’t going to work out? 

Im convinced that being wildly successful requires having a good attitude. It is more likely to take action and get things done. If you believe that you can be the best in your field, you have a reason to take the steps and do the work to get that result. Having a good attitude removes the “what’s the point” factor that keeps so many people stuck. 

It seems like being willing to put in the work is a rare trait in young adults. Many don’t want to work their way up and have crappy attitudes to go along with it. Being new to the work force almost guarantees starting at the bottom. Being at the bottom with a bad attitude is a good way to make sure you stay there. Having a positive attitude will create success. My dad always told me to take the trash out with a smile and I wouldn’t be the one taking out the trash too much longer.

Happy Indigenous Poeple’s Day!





In the following zip codes, the quantity of single family home sales in the month of September are as follows: 

77024 – 67 Homes

77019 – 68 Homes

77008 – 146 Homes

77056 – 78 Homes

77055 – 88 Homes


Georgia James Tavern is getting into the Spooky Season Spirit with a murder mystery dinner on Wednesday October 26.  A three course meal and some whodunnit entertainment! 

$80 per person.

More info and reservations linked here!


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