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Mondays with Marnie | Talk Derby To Me


Mondays with Marnie | Talk Derby To Me


The 150th Kentucky Derby race took place this past weekend and Houston sure looked a lot like Kentucky! I was a guest at the annual Bo’s Place event where everyone wore their best derby attire. I know several other restaurants and clubs held their own hat worthy affairs. Which, got me thinking a lot about hats.

Seeing all of the hats worn for the famous horse racing event seems like an event itself. I started thinking about all of the hats we all wear on a daily basis. They are not visible to other people but we most certainly feel ourselves trying to keep our hats on straight while switching them often to suit whatever comes our way.

Mom and professional are my hats that get the most wear. Friend, sister, volunteer, mentor and daughter also get their fair share of rotations. Some days, it feels like I have the heaviest derby hat ever made on my head. Sure, it looks cool, but its tough to wear. Other days, I feel like I am wearing all of my hats and they don’t fit on my head. This leaves me scrambling to keep them all on without dropping any. I’d like my hats to feel comfortable and to suit me. Here is what I’m thinking…

If something makes me feel like “this hat doesn’t fit”, I will seriously consider getting rid of that hat. If I feel really good in a certain situation and wearing that hat, I will try to wear it more often. I’ll also remember that I may not have a hat for everyone or everything, and that is A-OK.

Hats Off To You!





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