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Mondays with Marnie | I'm In Love...


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I hope everyone is safe following the storm on Thursday. I wanted to share a few helpful tips from Houston Chronicle for those who had home damage caused by the weather.

What Should You Do First?

Document the damage to your property and surrounding areas with photos and video. Then, reach out to your insurance company to begin the process of filing a claim.

What kind of damage does insurance actually cover?

The Texas Department of Insurance notes that your homeowners policy likely includes some coverage for wind damage. Comprehensive car insurance policies likely include coverage for storm and flood damage.

What if a neighbor’s tree fell on your property?

Under state law, according to TDI it’s likely that you will have to turn to your insurance even if your house or car was damaged by a neighbor’s tree. “If your neighbor’s tree falls on your house, their homeowner’s policy probably won’t cover the damage or tree removal unless your neighbor was at fault. Your neighbor is not responsible for acts of nature,” TDI Explains.

If anyone needs any debris removal or help with fallen limbs, you can call or text Eli at 832.483.1735.


Market Stats

Greater Houston home sales through March of 2024.

  • 4,513 Single Family Listings Sold
  • $317,039 Median Sales Price Single Family Homes
  • 42 Average Days on Market

Happening in Houston

Jethro’s Cocktail Lounge just opened in Montrose! The restaurant focuses on casual cocktails in a relaxed and approachable atmosphere, with a menu featuring burgers and snacks for patrons to enjoy with their drinks.

Tomato, Peach and Burrata Salad

It is finally Peach season in Texas! I love the combo of peaches and burrata. If you’re looking for a bright & summery appetizer – here it is!