Mondays with Marnie | Don't Worry, It Will Get Easier, Or...
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Mondays with Marnie | Don't Worry, It Will Get Easier, Or...


Mondays with Marnie | Don't Worry, It Will Get Easier, Or...

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Don’t Worry, It Will Get Easier, Or…

How often  do you find yourself waiting on things to get easier? I have found myself telling my kids the same thing. Just get through this semester and things will get easier. Once you are a little older, things will get easier. Well, thats not really true. Things do not get easier. We get better at handling hard things. Spending our lives waiting for things to get easier can lead to a lot of dissatisfaction and frustration. It also takes away your power of being able to handle hard things.  We feel like victims to hard thing after hard thing.

In my opinion, things actually get harder as we work to grow personally and professionally. Our ability to handle the hard is directly related to how successful we will be at pretty much anything. Nobody gets in better shape by the workouts getting easier. The workouts get harder and you get better at doing the harder workouts. I love a tough situation in business. Most people will run from a difficult client or transaction. I embrace the chance to get better at handling difficult people and deals. We can make it look easy when it is anything but easy. That’s the fun part.

Growing up, I was dealt my fair share of hard things. I moved often, my mom was married eight times, I paid for myself from a very early age, helped raise my siblings and paid my way through The University of Texas as a waitress. When I graduated from college and only had to work, it felt easy. I was used to being a full time student and working full time. My friends were overwhelmed with full time jobs and I felt like 50 hour work weeks without classes to attend was easy!

I am grateful for the “HARD” that was a part of my life from early on. Very little feels impossible to me and I don’t expect anything to be easy or get easier. Sharpen your ability to handle hard so that hard begins to feel easy. That’s where you will find success!





Months of inventory grew from a 2.6-months supply in March ’23 to 3.5 months supply last month. Housing inventory nationally is at a 2.9-months supply, according to the latest report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR). A 4.0- to 6.0-month supply is generally considered a “balanced market” in which neither buyer nor seller has an advantage. (HAR)


Calling all Mahjong players! Join me in playing for a good cause. My dear friend has put together this fun event to raise money for this important cause. There are tables for beginners and spots to just come hang out. May 7th!


Hermann Park’s long-anticipated renovations are complete, and opened to the public over the weekend! The amazing 2 acre central playground has a space adventure play area, splash cove, carousel, swing hill and more!