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Mondays with Marnie | Do You React or Respond?


Mondays with Marnie | Do You React or Respond?

There are people who listen to understand and others that listen to respond.

There is a big difference here. Are you listening to understand what is being said to you or are you listening while forming your response at the same time? I can usually feel the difference when I am in a conversation. The other person can hardly wait for me to finish my sentence because they have already formed a response and can’t wait to get it out. This is especially noticeable in an argument.  

I’ve been making a conscious effort to listen to understand. A side effect of doing this is that I respond instead of react. A therapist once told me that being centered enough to respond, rather than react can  change the dynamics of a relationship in a big way. Spouse, sibling, parent, cousin, baby daddy…etc. This applies to anyone. 

Reacting is reflexive. Responding is informed. Reacting arises from a wound driven state. Responding comes from a purpose-driven state. Whenever I feel that I have been wronged, admittedly, my first thought is to react in a way to get them back. Make them pay. With age, I have realized that the only person “paying” when I react instead of respond is me. It includes fear, walls, a victim mindset, avoidance and tactics. This moves me backwards and does absolutely nothing to the person that I think I am doing it to. 

I have spent wayyy too much money on therapy to roll around reacting to other people. In a time where there is so much volatility in our world, it has never been more important to slow down and respond instead of reacting.

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