Mondays with Marnie | A Backstage Pass
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Mondays with Marnie | A Backstage Pass


Mondays with Marnie | A Backstage Pass

In the world of entertainment, the concept of a backstage pass holds a special allure. It grants access to the inner sanctum of a performance, a space hidden from the public eye, where the true magic happens. Our lives often mirror this performance, with our public personas carefully crafted to project an image to the world. Just as with a backstage pass, we get to choose who is privy to our authentic selves. It’s sometimes harder to be backstage with a few people than it is to be on stage in front of thousands of people.

In both cases, trust and access are granted, revealing the hidden facets of our personalities. Just as an artist may invite trusted individuals into the inner workings of their creative process, we open up to people we trust, allowing them to see beyond our facade.

A ticket where backstage passes are granted usually costs significantly more than general admission seats. You pay more for the experience, and in my opinion, you should. In my life, I charge the people who see me backstage with possessing valuable traits such as trust, discretion, acceptance, and honesty.

Do a quick scan of who’s been allowed backstage access in your life and make sure that they are showing up with what you require of those closest to your authentic self. Would you want that person to see you naked? Not physically, but emotionally. To me, that’s the most vulnerable kind of naked there is. This newsletter is one of my ways of showing people the real me. It’s just me, being me.

Lookie there, you can say that you’ve basically seen me naked!




Temperatures are starting to cool, but home sales are heating up in several outlying communities in the Greater Houston area. The top 5 hottest communities are:

  • Fulshear/S. Brookshire
  • Cypress South
  • Santa Fe
  • Briarmeadow/Tanglewilde
  • Tomball


The 2023 Nutcracker Market kicks off the holiday season Texas with hundred of merchants.

Enjoy a four day shopping extravaganza at NRG Center, November 9-12!


Architectural Digest shares their favorite kitchen floor statement styles!

  • Black Granite
  • Herringbone Tile
  • Limestone
  • Engineered Hardwood
  • Hand Painted Tile


… absolutely loving this coffee table book I was gifted! It’s called “The Impossible Collection of Champagne: The 100 Most Exceptional Bottles from Champagne”by Enrico Bernard.

This book is huge!! 20″x18″ and it comes in a wooden box.