Mondays with Marnie | Wish They Would Stop Their B*tching?

“Complaining never makes anything better.” Anonymous.

Wish They Would Stop Their B*tching?

You know what I’m talking about. The people that love whining, talking, commenting, complaining and pointing out the negative. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll lump all these behaviors into one verb, “bitching.” 

After 52 years of living and observing, I have found a sure fire way to get someone to stop their bitching. 

Are you ready for it? Drum Roll……

Take away their audience. Period.This is one of my favorite examples:

Griffin was a sophomore at A&M, had magnified his personality with the help of a few beers and was “starving,” as usual. The kid has never been hungry in his life. Only starving. Saving his money for essentials, he decided to eat at home. The fridge was empty but there was enough frozen venison sausage to survive the winter. Grabbing a link of sausage and a knife, this meal was quickly coming together. Since he was starving, the defrost process had to be skipped. With the sausage in his left hand and knife in the right, he aimed and fired. He missed. Instead of hitting the sausage, he hit his hand, in between the thumb and pointer finger. Let the drama begin. Thankfully, he and his buddies were smart enough to Uber to the emergency room. He called me. He was dying. Blood was everywhere and the staff at the ER was not responding properly. I told him to be quiet, stop saying the F word and treat the staff with respect. Not happy with my answer, he called my sister, a pediatric heart surgeon, and repeated his story. She happened to be in town, sitting next to me and told him the same thing. His buddies were in the room with him, and the nurse was attempting to calm him down. Guess what? She didn’t stand a chance with his buddies in the room with him. I asked to speak with her. (Griffin thought I was setting her straight and getting him the necessary medical attention he so badly needed. I wasn’t.) I told her my secret. I said, “Hi, thank you very much for putting up with Griffin. If you want him to stop complaining and pointing out how you guys are doing everything wrong, kick his audience out of the room. Send Trip and Joel to the waiting room.” Being a smart woman, she took my advice. Guess what? He shut up. Without an audience, he quit his bitching. Simple as that. No amount of reasoning, pleading or asking him to stop was going to work. It actually made it worse. The more people that came into the room to try to calm him down, the bigger the audience. No audience, No bitching. 




Percentage of homes that sold for higher than their asking prices in the month of September:

Houston: 12%

Dallas – Fort Worth: 20%

Austin: 27.4%

San Francisco, Seattle, Boston: 40%


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To know the Gordy family is to know kindness, love for the outdoors and great taste rolled into one package. The Gordy boys created a hunter and fisherman’s paradise with so many great gifts for him.
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