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“The heart wants what the heart wants or it does not care” – Dickinson 

What does the word family mean to you? How does it make you feel?At the ripe age of 51 years old, I know more than ever before that a family isn’t limited to the people whom are biologically related to. I also consider many other people to be my family. What that means to me is that I would do anything for them that I would do for my “real” family. I’d also call on them in a time of need without hesitation. I have four kids (2 boys and 2 girls). We adopted the two youngest and they are only 8 months apart. The boys have always shared a bedroom and same for the girls. We are a close family in every sense of the word. I pinky promise that the feeling I had when those two adopted babies were put in my arms was the same as the one that I had from the babies I carried in my belly. People feel accepted and loved when they are around us. Kids have always talked to me about things on their mind and known they can show up at my house or call me to pick them up and they will be greeted with open arms and a compassionate heart. My most recent reminder that my family is BIG was on a family vacation that included me, my 4 kids and 3 of their friends. Yes, me and 7 kids, I’m crazy! At one point when things were hectic, I said to my 20yr old, “I really wanted this to be a family vacation and I feel like it has turned into something different than that.” Remi said, “Mom, this is your family.” She was right. I consider every person with us my family too. This is something I am truly grateful for. My family is HUGE and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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Q: What do you get when you combine beautiful souls, creative brains, wicked talent and a passion for what you do?

A: The dream team of landscape and outdoor space design. With outdoor living at the forefront of our reality, chances are that you have considered leveling up at your house. Trust me, I’ve experienced the magic of Steve Henry. It isn’t only the design genius that seems to flow effortlessly out of his brain. The killer smile, sense of humor, love of music and hot dogs and approach to life will inevitably transform your inside while he and his crew take care of the outside.

Take a look at Gregory Henry Lanscape portfolio here.