Mondays with Marnie | Tipping Point

El Arroyo II

There is absolutely nothing worse than a bad tipper. When I waited tables and received a poor tip, I was annoyed at the guests. I took it personally and knew I did not deserve to be under tipped. All of the waitstaff learned who the crappy tippers were. It was a seat yourself restaurant and we all prayed they didn’t choose a table in our section. We had zero motivation to give them good service. 

I finally realized that the amount of the tip they gave had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with me or the service. It didn’t even have to do with their opinion of the experience. They were simply unaware and going through life without a clue what the people around them were experiencing. Maybe nobody taught them how to tip and so they saved a big $5.00 and shorted the server. It really never occurred to them that we were all students paying our way through college. Those $5.00 were huge to me. That would cover a meal easily.

One day, a friend and I were working the same shift. We decided to have some fun with two guys and write down how much each trip to their table earned me. She had a piece of paper and started the list. It looked something like this:

1. Brought water. $2.00

2. Margaritas were frozen. 


3. Refilled the chip basket. $1.00

4. Made them laugh. $15.00

5. Brought more napkins. $2.00

6. I can’t repeat this one. $100.00

They seemed to be on board and we decided to really test them. When I brought them the check, my friend finished the list. She wrote something funny and slightly inappropriate with an additional $100.00 charge. We never thought they would pay it but it provided some comic relief. 

Guess What?

They paid it! Their bill was less than $30.00 and they left me a $123.00 tip. I will never forget that. It has been over 25 years and I remember this story like it was yesterday. A tip probably won’t change your financial situation and it can mean the world to a server. I have never had a server give me a tally of what they’ve earned but I don’t need one. I love tipping well. Every once in a while, I tip $100.00 on a $50.00 or less check. I know that I just made someone’s day and that is worth more than $100.00.



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Total dollar volume: + 18.1%

Single family average sales price: + 5.9%

Single family median sales price: + 6.1%


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