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Take That!

Have you ever watched someone else go through something so painful that you can actually feel it yourself? Family members often say that if they could take the pain away from their loved one and take it on themselves, they would gladly do so. 

 When I see my kids with hours of homework ahead of them at 9:00pm, I will offer to color the map for them so that they can get some sleep. I’m still in disbelief that middle and high school kids are sent home with maps to color! Like, what? Are you kidding me?

 Here is a funny example:

My mom was always thin as a young adult and put on a significant amount of weight after she had her last two kids. She was looking for a job and decided that she should work in an environment that supported her weight loss goals. She became a counselor at Weight Watchers. She had “clients” that would come for their weekly weigh in and chat about their struggles and goals. One day, a woman called in a crisis. She was home alone with the entire bag of Halloween candy that her kid collected the night before. She told my mom that she was giving up and going to eat the candy. My mom talked her into brining the bag of candy to the Weight Watchers office to talk about it in person. She spent hours talking to her client about everything stressing her out and making her want to eat the candy. Well, it worked! The woman felt much better and left the bag of candy with my mom. Once she drove away, my mom was so drained and stressed out that she ate the entire bag of candy at her desk! 
It’s no fun to gain weight over someone else’s enchiladas. The next time you are “taking one for the team” make sure it doesn’t leave you depleted for what is already yours to handle.



Where did everyone go? (Probs Aspen!)

Temporary moves were higher than 2019 in every month between March and July, but spiked most dramatically in March as the pandemic hit in the U.S. and stay-at-home orders began.


If you’re a student, teacher, or a parent helping kids with homework, you may not have thought about how paint color can affect learning. But just as colors impact mood, they can also enhance memory and improve focus. I’ve linked an article in this pic that show some of the best colors for study rooms in your home that have been proven to help us learn.


Giving my fireplace a makeover. I first saw these alternatives to wood in San Miguel and couldn’t stop thinking about them. I always struggled with what to have in my fireplace during the summer months. They come in different colors and look chic all year round. 



With over 30 years in the design business, Janet’s  affection for art, from abstract expressionist to the great artists of today, has inspired to Janet’s new line of furniture pieces, textiles and wallpapers. My favs are her pillows. Especially the black and white ones! Such a fun way to update any space