Mondays with Marnie | Orange Hair, Don't Care

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”


Most kids have begun school in one way or another. My 8th graders started a new school this year and were coming from smaller schools that they had attended for many years. The first two weeks were 100% online and they had their first “in person” school days last week. Under normal circumstances, they would have been able to tour the school prior to beginning classes and at least known a little bit about what they were walking into. I think it is funny how they each reacted to the situation. My son, Casey chose something he had worn many times as his “outfit’ and requested the same ‘ole lunch he ate most of last year. His strategy was to keep it simple and as familiar as possible.

My daughter, Chloe decided that if some chaos is good, then more must be better. She spent hours coming up with a new outfit, decided she didn’t need to bring a lunch at all and just a few hours before bedtime, bleached streaks of her brown hair a very light blonde. She wasn’t happy with the shade of blonde, so she dyed it orange. Bright orange. Who even does that? When I texted to ask her how the first day went, she replied, “Well, some people looked at me like I was weird and I got in trouble for my orange hair BUT, I made a friend!” SUCCESS! Needless to say, the orange hair only lasted a day and we were standing in front of the hair salon when it opened the next morning. She is back to a brunette and we have gotten lots of laughs out of her Nemo hair. I have to say, I admire the risk taker in her and know that she will always push the limits. Most great people do!

Tea In The Neighborhood


  • search traffic is up 108% year-over-year indicating strong forward demand.
  • National home prices are up 8% year-over-year, indicating stable and steady growth.
  • Avg. duration of time on is up 19% year-over-year showing not only are there more buyers, but they’re more serious. 
  • Searches for outdoor space up 230% and searches for pools up 360% since COVID-19, which is not just a passing trend, as there’s real demand for these types of homes continuing into the fall.



Discovery Green will present the park’s newest public art installation, “House of Cards” presented by Bracewell. “House of Cards” consists of 126 oversized playing cards, each featuring an original piece of artwork, including 20 designed by local artists. During the day, the cards’ crisp white lines and colorful images will dazzle; at night, the structure will be animated to create the illusion of the house of cards rising and falling.


A New Glampsite Just Opened at the Grand Canyon. 

New openings are kind of my thing. I love a new hotel, restaurant, venue or café opening and bringing as many as possible to you. New urban hotels seem to appear almost daily and that makes sense considering the ebb and flow of city life. Now, this may get me into camping!


Totally relating to this book!

My dear friend, Steve Henry surprised me with the gift of this book last week. He got in his car, drove it to my house and left it for me with a hand written note. Wow, just wow! I decided that I would get right to reading it and I’m glad that I did. Even my 20yr old said, “Mom, Steve brought you this book and I started reading it. I swear you could have written it. It is hilarious!”



(We could all use a little fun these days!)

The FOMO Factory is an interactive pop up shop that celebrates the magic of childhood, and what it is to feel wonder, awe, and silliness. Using the emerging medium of immersive art, The FOMO Factory envelopes all five senses and invites attendees to shamelessly snap selfies and play like a kid.

Inspired by immersive environments, The FOMO Factory represents a new art form perfectly suited to a generation that venerates the selfie and curates GIFs. Guests can lose themselves in a wall of balloons, spell their name in Scrabble letters, and play with toys in this limited-time pop up shop that speaks to the child in all of us.

The FOMO Factory includes 17 spaces journeying through childhood memories including birthday, toys, playground, school dance, vacation, music, and back to school, as well as a gift shop.

The FOMO Factory is located at the Houston Galleria in Suite 4710 on the mall’s third floor.