Mondays with Marnie | Once, Twice, Eight Times a Lady

“If at first you don’t succeed, Try, try, try again.” -Thomas H. Palmer

Once, Twice, Eight Times a Lady

This will be the title for a chapter in my book that I plan to write one day. It is a light hearted way to describe my mom, who has been married EIGHT times. And you thought only Elizabeth Taylor could get that many proposals! My mom was 18 when she married her first husband, my dad. Growing up, I was embarrassed because I knew this wasn’t “normal.” My sister and I still play a game where we try to name all of her ex-husbands and I can never do it. There are hazards of marrying eight times other than the obvious reasons.

Several years ago, I was at the airport filling out paperwork for Remi and Griffin to fly unaccompanied to spend a week with their Nana. While completing the section of who would meet them upon arrival, I realized that I had no idea of my mom’s current last name. Since the name on the form had to match her driver’s license, I called her to ask. 

It went something like this:

Me: ‘Mom, what is your current last name?’

Mom: (In the deepest southern accent imaginable) ‘Oh, stop! Honey, of course you know my last name! I am so excited to see the kids.”

Me: “Mom, I’m serious. We are trying to complete the paperwork at the airport and need to know.”

Mom: “Well, that is the silliest thing!”

Me: “Mom, seriously, what is your last name? The kids are going to miss their flight!”

Once the kids were in the air, I thought, “You really can’t make this sh*t up! I realized that I am no longer embarrassed of my very own Liz Taylor. I think, “Wow, impressive, this woman has had at least 8 men propose to her! When she is in, she is all in. (Until she isn’t. lol.) She is 70yrs old and has a boyfriend. Our family has bets on if he will be #9. I only know his first name. I’m not learning his last name for nothing!  


MARKET STATS: In the month of September, 241 homes went under contract in the following neighborhoods: 

West University: 26

River Oaks: 13

Tanglewood: 9

Memorial Villages: 26

Montrose/ River Oaks Shopping: 23

Heights: 144



The Houston Astros play in the ALCS this week. Although the games are out of state and fan-free, here are a few fun spots to check out the games: 

Kirby Ice House (A new location just opened up in Memorial!) 

Heights Beir Garten

8 Row Flint

Why to close on your home before the end of the year:

Aside from being in your new home for the holidays, did you know that you can save 20% on your property taxes next year when you close before the end of the year? If you own your own home before December 31, 2020 you qualify for your homestead exemption for 2021.


Shopping my own closet!

Tired of having “nothing to wear,” I decided to clean my closet and reassess. I took out everything that I haven’t worn in the past year, and decided whether I would buy these things again if I saw them today. As long as you have jeans, t shirts, blazers, button downs, heels, and sneakers, you always have something to wear!