Mondays with Marnie | OMG, Look what someone sent me!

 OMG, Look what someone sent me!

One of the most exciting things can be receiving a delivery of flowers, cookies, etc. It says, “I’m thinking about you!” really well. I send people gifts for no real reason and it makes me happy to do so. 

When Tiff’s Treats first came to Houston, I thought the concept was the best idea ever. Who wouldn’t want a box of warm cookies? (Please don’t say you.) It did not occur to me that this service was meant for sending cookies to someone other than yourself. I swear that was completely lost on me. I went straight to the website and ordered myself a dozen warm cookies to be delivered ASAP. 4 Chocolate Chip, 4 Peanut Butter and 4 Snickerdoodle. It was magic! My doorbell rang 45 minutes later and I was handed a white box, tied with a blue ribbon and full of warm cookies. I sat down on the couch and promptly devoured one of each. They were amazing! Like, really, really good. 

I thought about putting them on a pretty tray in the kitchen so that my kids would think I had made them. I quickly remembered my kids are smart cookies and they wouldn’t fall for that. I left them on the counter in the Tiff’s Treats box for everyone to enjoy. 

Right after I had tested the three flavors and decided that I better create some distance between me and 9 remaining pieces of heaven, a friend stopped by to return something she had borrowed. Her eyes immediately went to the box of cookies. 

She said, “Oh, how sweet, who sent you Tiff’s?”

 I told her that I had ordered them for myself and she died laughing. The fact that I didn’t think it was odd to order them for myself was probably the funniest part. It made me realize that I need to gift myself more often. I’ve upped the game to include shoes and trips, which have both been good decisions. If you are traditionally a giver, do yourself a favor and give yourself something. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive. I personally recommend starting with a dozen warm cookies. 

Getcha Some!



Highest priced active listings per neighborhood:

  • Memorial Villages: $11,950,000
  • River Oaks: $9,500,000
  • Tanglewood: $8,999,000
  • West U/ Southside Place: $4,549,000
  • Heights: $2,995,000
  • Montrose: $2,650,000
  • Spring Branch: $2,295,000


New Montrose restaurant brings NYC vibes to HOU!

We are so proud of our client’s nephew who opened Houston’s hot new restaurant, Ostia, featuring a fluid New American menu with seasonal creativity. I drove by the other day and the patio looks like the perfect place to enjoy this California-ish weather. 


Some say sweater weather, I say soup weather. This recipe caught my eye and I’ve already ordered the ingredients from Instacart. It looks heathy, hearty and delicious. Lemme know if you try it!


Prepping for a full house!

Before the holidays are in full swing, it’s time to purge the pantry and kick the clutter. Who knew that my Frosted Flakes were over a year expired?! The box was sitting there taking up prime real estate. I’ve hired Let’s Be Clear organizing service to help get my home holiday ready. We always have a crowd and this year, Ill be ready.