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Just Kidding?

Okay, fine, you are just kidding. However, the person receiving your joke may not take it that way at all. The way they interpret what you say has to do with how they feel about themselves and how they perceive you feel about them. With two kids in middle school, I have been quickly reminded of how mean kids can be to each other. The explanation is usually, “I was just kidding!” or “It was a joke!” 

Guess what? It’s not funny.

This is a hard newsletter to write. I have tried to think of another topic but keep coming back to this one. It isn’t pretty. It is sad and preventable. My 14yr old eighth grader started a new school this year. She started online and then began in person classes. She wanted to make friends and tried her best. The “popular girls” turned their noses up at her and the boys began making up rumors about her. 

She was able to find a few girls that she felt comfortable hanging around but still didn’t really feel like she fit in with many people. One particular rumor that a boy started was so unbelievable and hurtful that she did not want to go to school or leave her room. Social media let it spread like wildfire. “Jokes” about her figure, her clothes, her appearance, etc became too much. She began grasping at straws to fit in and stop the bullying. I recently heard a similar story about another 14yr old and it breaks my heart. My daughter got to the point where she didn’t think life was worth living. Yes, thank God, she is okay. I am fearful of the day she returns to school and the “joking.” 

I am sharing this story so that each of you can sit down with your kids, no matter the age, and encourage them to include people, not make fun of people and to be kind. It isn’t complicated. Hurtful jokes are not funny. They are hurtful. Be an example of kindness. Stop judging and start listening. Every person on this planet deserves to be treated like they matter and are loved.

If you are receiving this newsletter, It is because I see you. I give a crap. If you haven’t heard that from anyone in a while and don’t hear it enough, text me or email me. I’ll be happy to remind you that you matter and that you have a lot to offer this world.





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