Mondays with Marnie | I'm Basically Tom Brady

“When you have a lot of confidence and you feel like nobody can beat you, it’s game over for everyone else.”
– Jason Day

Look what leadership and confidence can do for an entire team. One person with the vision, determination and confidence to be the best can steer an already talented group of people towards achieving the ultimate goal of a National Championship. 

Tom Brady is not only a world class athlete. He is a world class leader. He makes it look easy. Reading about his daily routine and pre-game preparations give some insight on why he is able to make it look that way. He knows what it takes to be the best on a daily basis, has a plan and sticks to it. He doesn’t decide each day whether he will work out, watch film, eat healthy and get plenty of rest. He made that decision a long time ago and doesn’t alter the plan because it works. 

Can it really be that simple? Make a plan and stick to it. As the quarterback of my office, I know that to achieve my goals, I need to be my team’s Tom Brady. The people that support me are talented, driven and want to be the best. I have the responsibility to lead and I don’t take that lightly. If I get off track it effects all of us. If I am prepared, rested and taking care of myself, we all benefit. The same goes for my family. My kids need a Tom Brady too. 

The trait that I find to be most valuable is the confidence and attitude that we are world class champions in our field. When I go on a listing appointment or meet with a buyer, I am confident that I bring value to the client and that my preparation and hard work put me in a position to be their Tom Brady. 

We aren’t all quarterbacks but we are all leading someone by example. Would someone look at your life and want to know the secret to your success or happiness? If not, rewrite your plan. Take the time to map it out and stick to it. Keep it simple and maybe check out Tom Brady’s daily routine for inspiration.
I’ll see ya at the Super Bowl of life and know you will be killing the game. Go get ’em. 



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