Mondays with Marnie | Family Be Like...

“Family is a group that dreams, laughs, plays and loves together, always present not only in the good times. The most precious gift.”

Family Be Like…

Most of us read that question and think of the answer in a traditional way. Aunt Bessie is hunkered down at the farm and Uncle George hasn’t left his apartment in NY since March. A lot of people are going to miss being with the whole family due to many Covid related issues. 

A new version of Thanksgiving is here and we will soon know what that looks and feels like.  I am fortunate that my sister is coming to spend Thanksgiving with me and the kids. In addition to my sister and my kids, I have another family of 3 coming that I consider to be family. No, we are not blood related, distant cousins or sister’s of ex husbands. However, they are family. Period. 

The awesome thing about family is that we can choose who that is. You don’t necessarily get to throw the relatives you don’t like out with the bath water, but you can have boundaries that prevent the relationship from sucking the air out of you and the room. The family that you get to choose is just that, a choice. 

When Griffin and Remi were in high school, and even now, our house is and was full of their friends. A group of them were such regulars that we started considering them part of the family. I would do anything for them and vice versa. “Momma G” is what they call me. I knew what they liked to eat, what made them laugh and what made them sad. 

When I think of my chosen family, I realize that it was an immediate chemistry that I had with each person. They had me at “hello.” I think that is God’s way of making sure you don’t miss who is being sent your way. I am grateful for many things this year and chosen family is at the top of the list.

If you can’t (or choose not to) be with your given family, consider a small outdoor get together with your chosen fam. Go around the table and tell each of them why you chose them and consider them to be family. It matters.



It seems like there is a new high rise development on every corner, but is the Covid-19 pandemic deterring people from high rise living? When comparing mid and high rise purchases to last year, we saw 742 purchases in 2019 compared to 558 year to date in 2020. 


If you go to a therapist and tell them you are feeling down in the dumps, chances are they will tell you to go do something for someone else. If you are looking for a way to give back this Thanksgiving, take a look at this list of volunteer opportunities, both virtual and in person, to lend a helping hand. Do good, feel good!  


The grilled cheese food truck that took Houston (and Instagram) by storm opened its first brick and mortar store in Rice Military last weekend! If you need a break from Turkey this week, swing by the Twisted Grilled Cheese.


In case I didn’t already have a long enough to do list, I found these home improvement tips to prepare your house for the winter months ahead. My goal to to start on these soon so that they don’t all have to be done at one time. Get bizzzy!