Mondays with Marnie | Are You a Legacy?

“Legacy is not leaving something for people. It’s leaving something in people.”

– Peter Strople

Excited and confident that I was ready to begin my college adventure, I packed my Nissan Versa to the brim and rolled into Austin. I was independent, resourceful and had worked all through high school. Even though Austin is only a couple of hours from Houston, I found myself in a whole new world.  One of my biggest surprises was learning that I was hanging out with people who spoke a language I didn’t understand. It was Greek, not just Greek to me, but literally Greek. 

I met my first college roommate in high school, working at Laura Ashley in The Galleria. (Yes, I wore Laura Ashley dresses and Keds to high school every day!) We were besties from the second we met and spoke the same language. She knew a lot of girls in Austin already, which made it easy to make friends . One evening, a crew of us were piled into someone’s BMW. I had never met anyone my age that drove a BMW and didn’t even have a job! We were headed to 6th Street for a night of adventure and I was really looking forward to trying out my new fake I.D.

 The girls were all “going through rush.” I knew we didn’t speak the same language after this conversation. It went something like this:

Adorable girl in a perfect outfit:  “Marnie, are you “rushing?”

Me:  “Yes, I feel like I have been rushing since I got here.” (I was relieved to know that I was not the only one rushing around to get everything done.)

Adorable girl in a perfect outfit:  “Are you a Legacy?” 

Me: “No, I’m a freshman.”

Adorable girl in a perfect outfit: “I know that, but are you a legacy?” 

Me: “I’m so confused. I’m a waitress.”

That evening is when I figured out that she was speaking Greek. It’s the lingo used during the process of joining a sorority. I didn’t even know joining a sorority was even a thing. These women are still some of my best friends today. It reminds me that just because you come from a different background, speak a different language or dress differently, there is something really cool about people meeting people where they are, accepting who they are and learning from them.

When Remi was preparing to “rush” her freshman year at UT, one of my college friends, Marjorie volunteered to make her rush packets, loan her adorable dresses, gather her recommendation letters and get it all turned in on time. She knew that I didn’t speak that language. She was there for Remi and me. To do my part, I made sure Remi knew how to correctly answer the legacy question. I said, “Honey, if anyone asks you if you are a legacy, you aren’t.” She said, “Mom, I know! How did you think that I wouldn’t know that?” I told her my story and we laughed as hard as me and the adorable girl in a perfect outfit laughed in that BMW.

BTW: I speak pretty good Greek these days!



The market continued to soar in the month of October despite record low inventory. According to HAR, the Houston market is currently running 7.7 percent ahead of 2019’s record pace. Single-family home sales, total property sales and total dollar volume all increased compared to October 2019. 


The Ice at Discovery Green

Is it just me or is taking your family ice skating one of the best holiday outings? The laughing and trash talking is amazing. It may still be sunny and 75 in Houston, but nothing puts me in the winter spirit like an ice skating outing. The seasonal ice rink at Discovery Green is back through the end of January! You can purchase your tickets here!

I thought this looked like a bundt cake with some type of filling and perfect crunchy edges! Believe it or not, I was wrong. You’ve got to check this out!
Fried, baked, mashed, smashed, and now…. bunt-ed? Check out this recipe I found for a Cheesy Scalloped Potato Bundt.

Doing my part to support dogs in need from the comfort of my bed. I’ve recently switched from cotton sheets to this cozy bedding from Wooflinen. I ordered a few new sets for my house and we are loving the quality and the easy-care. A portion of all sales are donated to rescues and partner foster networks.