Mondays with Marnie |Answer Me!!!

Wait for a response? Are you kidding me? Cell phones and text messaging mean one thing. I text, you answer. I call, you answer on the first ring. Not after you eat or  shower, not after you leave the people you are with and definitely not when you feel like it. 

You answer me NOW. Period.

My kids expect me to answer on the first ring and return their texts within seconds of receiving them. After all, what could I be doing that is more important than hearing what they need from me? I am usually annoyed by their impatience, but this time, I laughed until my face hurt. This is from my 14yr old, Chloe. I hope it makes you laugh and gives you some inspiration on how to get someone’s attention when you’ve been waiting at least 5 seconds for a response.

(p.s. Ruben is her dog.)


Photo by Kerrie Kirk


In the month of November, single family home sales in Houston increased 25.6 percent compared to November of 2019. Last month, 7,990 single family homes sold compared to 6,359 the year prior. 


My modern art lovers need to check out the new Nancy and Rich Kinder building at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. It opened on November 21 and people are obsessing over the colorful, contemporary exhibit. It’s free on Thursdays and open later – let me know if you go!


East Downtown has been one of Houston real estate’s best performing neighborhoods over the past 5 years. If you’re looking to explore this hood, check out Nancy’s Hustle for some tasty bites and good times.


Hoping that I get around to decorating my tree before Christmas…

I felt so good when I brought this puppy home from Central Market last weekend. I splurged for the “good” kind of tree, hauled it inside by myself and had great intentions of being a kick ass Christmas Tree person this year.. You know, decorating with Mariah Carey Christmas playing in the background…

Well, now look. Things aren’t going as I had envisioned.
Current status: one strand of lights and a step stool….ugh.